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Anne Mason is a homeschooling mother of two, health freedom activist, and former video documentary producer. Her IMDB credits. Outside of homeschooling and writing, she assists her husband in running his online retail business.

She originally started this blog in order to continue publishing articles about vaccines without being censored.


A mother of three sons, Thea Mason has almost twenty years of movement teaching experience, eleven of them teaching children in the Waldorf schools. She is a graduate of the level one Spacial Dynamics program and recently completed the Bothmer Gymnastics certification through ABGA, Association for Bothmer Gymnastics in America.


A published poet, Drake Mason-Koehler attended Sanderling Waldorf School for his K-8 education, then received his high school diploma from the Waldorf School of San Diego. He is currently working toward a Bachelor’s Degree at St. John’s College. 

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  1. Thank you for this reasonable, sensible, honest, article that paints concerned parents in a much different light than what the mainstream media paints them. We need many more such articles to counteract the demonization of parents who just ask for common sense safety for their children. Keep up the good work!

  2. Anne – we need to talk – were doing our radio show again – this time in Sacramento, to a bigger audience !

    ” Bring It ” up – with Gunner & Kyle – Building Ideas & Solving Problems

    Tuesdays 11 am – ta Noon

    We read your piece about the CDC last show !

    We should collaborate or something more often ???

    Sincerely Kyle

    4:30 – 8:30 pm / Landline ( 916 ) 444-6300

    C # 530 913 – 6701


    Tell your husband I said hello, and have a great week !

  3. I saw a term “recovering Californian” and in search of a meaning ran across your article, “Thoughts from a recovering Californian”. What an excelling piece. I can embrace every part of it. I live in Santa Cruz, Ca. Our son moved to Austin in the summer 2019 and said he is never moving back. I love ocean sports and wonder if I will stay. I keep hoping we can turn things around with new leadership but it seems the political arena has become so embedded with leftist ideaology. Thank you for this web site and your articles,

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